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  • Spaced Repetition System

    A famous learning method to help you memorize vocabulary better.

  • Writing & Quiz

    Help you effectively memorize vocabulary by actively writing them.

  • Mini Games

    Test what you learned with games.

  • Heat Map & Statistics

    View and track your daily progress.

  • Built-in Dictionaries

    Comes with built-in dictionaries to make flashcards easier.

  • Public Library

    Discover essential and new cards to learn from our library.

  • Multitasking Support

    Support split-view on iPad and Android tablets.

  • Extra Fields Support

    Add extra information to your flashcards easily, such as IPA, pinyin, synonym and so on.

  • Bulk Action

    Select multiple cards and perform actions on them at once.

  • Auto Syncing

    Automatically backups and synchronizes changes with our remote servers.

  • Sync with Google Sheets

    Import and export your cards directly from a Google Sheets document.

  • Offline Access

    Review and add, edit cards even if you're offline.


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