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  • Spaced Repetition System

    A well-known learning technique to help you memorize vocabulary better.

  • Writing Lessons

    Practice terms by actively writing them.

  • Mini Games

    Games for you to brush up the vocabulary while relaxing.

  • Built-in Dictionaries

    Use built-in dictionaries as references to make adding flashcards easier.

  • Built-in Translation

    It comes with Google Translate for your convenience.

  • Unlimited Sets & Flashcards

    No limitations on the number of sets and vocabulary you can add.

  • Bulk Action

    Select multiple terms and perform actions.

  • Discovery

    Makes it easy for you to find essential and new vocabulary to learn.

  • Auto Syncing

    Automatically backup and synchronize all vocabulary flashcards.

  • Offline Access

    You can still access the app while offline (but not everything).

  • Smart Searching

    Search your own vocabulary flashcards by words or prefix.

  • Auto Archive

    Automatically archive the vocabulary based on settings.


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