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Manage your words in one place and learn them using popular techniques. Read more below.

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25 languages

Each languages have a built-in dictionary, a translator and audio support.



  • Spaced Repetition Scheduling

    This is a famous scheduling algorithm to help you memorize vocabulary better.

  • Memorize by Writing

    This helps you effectively memorize terms by actively writing them along with spaced repetition scheduling.

  • Mini Games

    It includes mini-games for you to practice and brush up terms you have learned.

  • Built-in Dictionaries

    It comes with built-in dictionaries for you to make flashcards easier.

  • Built-in Translator

    You can also use Google Translate to translate terms in realtime for references.

  • Extra Fields Support

    You can add additional information associated with the terms, such as IPA, synonym and so on.

  • Unlimited Sets & Flashcards

    There are no limitations on the number of sets and vocabulary you can add.

  • Sync with Google Sheets

    We developed Google Sheets add-on for you to import and export terms with ease.

  • Bulk Action

    You can select multiple terms or categories then perform actions on them at once.

  • Discovery

    We make it easy for you to discover essential and new terms to learn.

  • Auto Syncing

    The app automatically backups and synchronizes changes with our remote servers.

  • Auto Archive

    You can set up rules to automatically archive terms that you have learned.

  • Smart Searching

    You can search added terms by whole words, by definitions, or by prefixes.

  • Offline Access

    While offline, you can still perform some actions, such as adding or editing terms.




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